December 13, 1991

Aarthy Eye Hospital was started by Dr P Ramesh, at 62, Sengunthapuram Main Road, Karur. He started his practice as the sole ophthalmologist with a single paramedic.

Outpatient service was done with very basic ophthalmic devices like a retinoscopy mirror, refraction trial set, a basic model slit lamp, direct ophthalmoscope etc. We had benches for waiting patients, emergency lights, portable generator for power backup, fans for ventilation.

A small operation theatre was set up and simple surgical instruments were used for the removal of the cataract. At this time patients were given thick glasses after the surgery as there was no practice of intraocular lens implantation.


The era of microsurgery

Operating microscope introduced in the theatre. After undergoing training in microsurgery and IOL implantation at Aravind Eye Hospital, Dr Ramesh was able to successfully operate on patients with cataract by microsurgery and IOL implantation which offered good quality vision without the need for wearing thick glasses. The hospital stay was reduced from 5 days to 3 days.


The era of Sutureless cataract surgery

A new technique of minimally invasive cataract surgery was introduced. This was a suture-less procedure and it reduced hospital stay of patients even more. Our patients also had faster recovery and a better quality of vision.


Dr Uma Maheswari, wife of Dr Ramesh joins Aarthy Eye Hospital as a co-consultant.


The era of Phaco

A refinement of cataract surgery in which only a small incision (less than 3mm) needs to be made was introduced. Dr Ramesh underwent training at Agarwal Eye Hospital, Chennai and started implementing Phacoemulsification with Foldable IOL implantation in Aarthy Eye Hospital, Karur.

This revolutionized patient outcome and recovery. Patients could go home on the same day of surgery and resume their routine in a few days.


The era of Micro-Incision cataract surgery

The incision size was further reduced (to 2.2mm) and anaesthesia was provided using eye drops (topical) instead of giving an injection. This improved the patient's comfort and confidence, and also the recovery time.

A variety of IOLs like monofocals, multifocals, trifocals, torics, iris-claws and scleral fixated IOLs were introduced. These provided individualized correction of vision as per the patient's need.



Hospital infrastructure upgraded to 3 floors

The hospital was inaugurated by Padma Shree Dr P Namperumalsamy and Dr G Natchiar of the prestigious Aravind Eye Care system

Constant updation of Equipment

To begin with, Aarthy Eye Hospital was started with very basic equipment but as the hospital grew, we have constantly upgraded our facilities by adding state-of-the-art equipment for the right kind of service to our patients. In the first phase, we added the following equipment:

  • Automated Refraction
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope
  • A scans
  • YAG laser
  • Visual Field analyser
  • Slit-lamp examination with 90D lens
  • Lensometers
  • Applanation tonometry
  • Non-contact tonometry
  • Automated Perimetry
  • Carl Zeiss 1FR operating microscopes
  • Fundus camera
  • Fundus Fluorescein Angiography


Further Expansion

Hospital was expanded again by constructing three more floors adjacently and adding parking space. Operation theatre was upgraded with Laminar Airflow and HEPA filters. State-of-the-art optical outlet added.

More specialized equipment added

  • B scans
  • Carl Zeiss Lumera I microscopes
  • Optical Biometry
  • Retinal Surgical Equipment and Devices
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Pentacam for Corneal topography
  • Retinal lasers
  • Upgradation of Operation theatre with Laminar Airflow and HEPA filters
  • Implantable contact lenses for correction of high myopia
  • Micropulse laser CycloG6 for treating Glaucoma
  • Centralized airconditioned waiting hall
  • Modern Optical Outlet
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafetaria

Obtained entry-level NABH accreditation


Dr TM Satish Kumaar joins Aarthy Eye Hospital as a co-consultant


Dr Vishwa Nanda joins Aarthy Eye Hospital as a co-consultant

To be continued...

Our ex-consultants

  • Dr Jeevitha, MS served for 4 years
  • Dr Kavitha, FRCS served for 4 years
  • Dr Sharmila, MS served for 4 years
  • Dr T Bardi Narayanan, MS served as squint consultant for 10 years
  • Dr Koshal Ram, FRCS served as Retina consultant for more than 10 years